A particular type of theft committed by criminals in Italy are shared between banks and Post offices.

These are related to the ATM’s as well as to the OPT’s (Outdoor payment terminal). These are obviously two different types of machines and two different criminal interactions and criminal offences. The historic series differ from the criminal offence.

Whilst attacks on bank ATMs had reached their historical maximum in 2016, the years to follow have decreased radically. During 2016 the system suffered 2.239 attacks (Bank ATM, Post ATM, OPT), whilst in 2020 there were 940 adverse events, please also refer to the below table. 

In particular in 2020 there were 419 ATM attacks of the banks equal to a decrease of 16,9% vs the year 2019, 169 attacks on the Post ATMs with an increase of 15,8% in 2020 vs the year 2019. The OPT’s suffered since 2016 a sensible decrease in attacks until 2019. During the year 2020 there was a slight increase in such attacks, e.g. 9,3% to reach 352 hits.

Should one consider the number of attacks in respect of the number of installed machines, the OPTs result to be always more critical respect the ATM’s. The risk index related to the thefts of banknotes within the gas stations has resulted superior in 2020 vs the prior year.

 In particular there were 5,2 attacks each 100 gas stations vs 4,7 attacks during 2019. With regard to the ATM’s of the Post offices the index is equal to 2,2 attacks each 100 installed ATMs (from 1,9 during 2019).

These are still the double of the banking system which suffered 1,1 attack each 100 machines (from 1,2 during 2019).

Attacks on the ATM’s are perpetrated by using gas or explosives. This at least in 71% of the Post ATM’s and 65% on the bank ones. Followed by burglary/breaking in and those with the removal of the entire machine.

The average loss amount was in excess of Euro 35.000 per event

  Source: OSEF, Poste Italiane, Unem e Italiana Petroli

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