What we do



What we do

We offer services of claims audits for insurance contracts, putting at disposal experts in the management of losses, civil liability and life guarantees. In the aftermath of the process, we intervene as team of adjusters, upstream as experts in risk-taking on behalf of insurance companies.

We can count on a deep database collected over the years and on the detailed knowledge of our areas of expertise, thanks to the support of specialists in different fields. Our services, regularly subjected to external audits, are aimed at insurers and re-insurers, offering them accurate and competent support in defining the perimeters, entities and areas of coverage. There are three main types of professional figures in the Schwegler Associated staff.

Loss Adjuster

We leverage on consolidated administrative, and legal skills to manage the appraisal, coordinate the support team and connect the type of claim with the correct insurance policy. Thanks to the expertise acquired in specific sectors, we investigate, we estimate the amount of the compensation and, on behalf of the insurer, proceed with the liquidation. Effectiveness and attention to details are the added value to guarantee an independent, third-party and transparent service, for a healthy insurance ecosystem for all the players involved.


We carry out technical pre-risk consultancy to correctly establish the value of the insured or potentially insured assets, thanks to the knowledge of risk reduction’s best practices and cases in the different sectors of intervention. After careful inspections, we deliver recommendations and reports which help insurers to assess the financial risk that can be related to certain amounts of coverage to guarantee specific assets, people or properties, offering analytical support on the feasibility of the operation.


As third-party administrators (TPA) we coordinate all the phases of management of the damage claim, compensation and negotiation following a loss, with the guarantee of independence without any conflict of interest. It is a role that can be included by default in some types of framework contract stipulated by an insurer on certain markets and which is enabled to operate independently upon the occurrence of specific conditions, in compliance with agreed guidelines and sector regulations.

Areas of expertise

Fine art and Specie

Claims involving assets of great value require care, dedication, experience, and professionalism. Features that reflect our way of working in excess on thirty years.

Accident and Health

Thanks to a rich database built over the years, we can provide customers a realistic forecast based on data analysis and processing.

General and Professional Liability

The collaboration with a team of specialists is fundamental to guarantee the safeguard of customers carrying out their professional activity.


We carry out inspections to guarantee prompt intervention for claims within property policies.


We offer an organized and widespread service in the management of claims concerning the field of cargo and maritime transport of goods.

Cyber Security and Privacy

Our constant updating allows us to offer proactive solutions in case of the violation of IT security.

Reinsurance and Auditing

We offer advice and auditing for the management of claims covered by reinsurance contracts.

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