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Who we are

We do our job with passion, reliability and competence.
We believe that, in order to give results to the customers who choose to avail themselves of our services, these are the rules to follow.
Lavorare insieme

Work together

Our experience and our dedication to work are the added value that we provide to our customers. We are convinced that it is more worth working “with the customer” and not just “for the customer.”
We periodically update our electronic archives, making the claims data easily accessible and searchable, thus simplifying the exchange of information and promoting collaboration.

The importance of deadlines

In a fast and competitive market, time is precious. Meeting deadlines and optimizing response times are key – elements during our activities.

We know how important it is to maintain an active exchange of information with our customers.

We take care, therefore, of answering to any questions in a timely manner, with professionalism and courtesy.

L’importanza delle scadenze
La cura per ogni dettaglio

The attention to details

We collect all the information relating to claims that are assigned to our management, we go through each and every detail in order to get a thorough examination of the events surrounding a claim and its causes.

Our attention to detail, combined with the ability to connect it to a specific frame of reference, allow us to select the information and present them to our customers in the form of a clear product, whose contents is flowing and easy to understand.

Innovation and experience

We have been on the insurance market for about thirty years, we love to keep us up to date and adapt ourselves with optimism and initiative to the challenges which our work requires.

In recent years, a team of young and prepared professionals have joined an experienced and consolidated staff, so as to competently meet any kind of request related to claims that are entrusted to us. In this way, we combine experience and dynamism in an increasingly demanding market.

L'innovazione nell'esperienza

Italian office

Via Senato 18,
20121, Milano, Italy. Torino 96/98,
27036, Mortara (PV), Italy


Tel: +39 02.780324
Fax: +39 02.76006892

Swiss office

Via Monte Generoso 9,
6828, Balerna, Switzerland.


Tel: +41 91 9508015
Fax: +41 91 9508017

German office

Ofenbank 19,
45279, Essen, Germany.


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