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Schwegler Associated has been active in the field of loss management and damage reporting for over 30 years. As loss adjusters and surveyors, we work mainly in Italy, Swizerland and Germany, but we are also active in other countries thanks to trusted partners spread across the world. Having developed vertical skills in specific sectors, characterized by specific risks and interests depending on the single case, has allowed us to stand out as trusted partner for insurance company in every phase of the risk bearing, damage evaluation and loss settlement.

Loyalty, transparency, and collaboration: a system of values that drives our work since the foundation by Christian Schwegler in 1991 in Milan, Italy. We work with passion and dedication to reach our goals. We manage all situations as a super partes partner institution to safeguard a complex system of interests, included in the insurance agreements, and – ultimately – a sustainable insurance business, also in the niches.

Through all this time, our experts in civil liability, properties damages, holdings damages, professional liability, accidents, re-insurance and auditing, pre-risks surveys, allow us to manage the important number of 80 thousand losses in four continents.


Loss Adjuster


Our Values

We believe in these rules to guarantee the best results to those who choose rely on us.

Better Togheter

Experience and commitment to work are the added value that we offer to our customers. We are convinced that it is more useful to work “with the customers” and not “for the customers”. This is the reason why we are always looking for new technologies to make data easier to access and to consult, simplifying the exchange of information and ideas, promoting bridges between the parts.

The importance of deadlines

In a dynamic and competitive market, time is precious. To act promptly after a loss, meeting deadlines and reducing response times is essential in our work. We are aware of the importance to actively manage every claim, and we always answer in the more detailed and professional way.

The attention to details

We collect the information and analyze every detail relating to the claim we are managing, to carefully examine the events and their causes. This process allows us to present customers a clear output, easy to read and understand.

The experience to innovate

In 30 years of experience in the insurance market, we have always loved to keep updated and to adapt ourselves to the situation with optimism and enterprising spirit required by our market.
In the last few years, a new team of young and prepared professionals – joined the experienced and consolidated staff, to find the best solutions for our customers. In this way, we can combine experience and dynamism in a market which is increasingly demanding.

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