Accident & Health:

Why you need tailored made formulas

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Not only loss adjuster: the Schwegler Associated method for Accident & Health

A team of experts alongside intermediaries and insurance companies, beyond the edge of the generalist market

Knowledge of national realities, ongoing updating and a trusted partners network are the key point of services aimed at the world of insurance.

A reliable partner for insurance professionals, a loss adjusters’ team, experienced surveyors and third-party administrators (TPA) active in Italy, Switzerland and Europe, with vertical skills developed in specialised sectors; Supported by a dense network of trusted co-workers present all over the world; This is the identikit of Schwegler Associated, a company active in the branch of appraisals for the assumption of insurance risk and the settlement of claims for over thirty years.

Among the areas of interest of the company, founded by Christian Schwegler in Milan in 1991, we found Accidents and Health. A sector widely covered by generalists’ insurers, but which can be characterised by peculiar risks and interests, especially where the usual mass market formulas cannot reach. Sometimes the value of the protected asset, the health and integrity of the person concerned according to his activity or personality, require tailor-made products supported by highly specialised professional skills, both upstream and downstream of the insurance process.

Our wide variety of services come in at this point. From specialised consultancy to all-round management of the most complex claims. Thanks to an experience, directly proportional to the years of activity, and constantly updated, the preventive technical consultancy provided by Schwegler Associated can leverage a precious wealth of expertise, difficult to replicate, enabling quick decisions and at the same time weighted by intermediaries and insurance companies in the risk-taking phase and in the moment of guaranteeing certain protection parameters.

Knowing the recurring issues in certain sectors, knowing how to manage exceptions, predicting the incidence of relapses and personal data by type of risk: these are just some of the faculties that only the most expert adjusters can offer to the partners in this domain. Our goal always leads back to the creation of a balanced insurance business, capable of sustainably safeguarding all the stakeholders involved in the insurance agreement over time. Moreover, by virtue of a precise knowledge of the various national realities and regulations, Schwegler Associated is chosen, for certain framework contracts, also as Third-party administrator.

Fairness, loyalty and super partes objectivity are a fundamental part of the working method of our loss adjusters, who deal with the classification of the accident and its solutions. Their activity makes use of the support of forensic doctors, who guarantee the settlement expert the specific knowledge, suitable for correctly locating the type of claim in relation to the policy and its terms and conditions.

This operating mode is tested and recurrent also in other areas, where lawyers, accountants, engineers, IT professionals, etc. can be consulted in support of the appraisals, regularly reviewed with frequent audits. Schwegler Associated has in fact developed vertical skills in various sectors, in addition to that relating to the Accident & Health sector, each characterised by specific risks, and has become a reliable partner for insurance companies in every phase of risk assumption, assessment and extinction of the damage, including niche cases.

Schwegler Associated has been able to achieve the goals set over the years with passion and dedication. Mainly present in Italy, Switzerland and Germany, but also active in other countries thanks to a network of trusted partners, it has managed over 80,000 claims in four different continents. In every discipline, the “trademark” is recognizable and is based on a solid base of values, and in the ability to effectively combine hard and soft skills, such as: the importance of working “together with the customer” and not ” for the customer “, compliance with deadlines and prompt intervention, attention to every detail relating to claims, the ability to combine innovation with experience, also through wise support of young, dedicated and dynamic professionals alongside the historical staff of a consolidated sector.

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