Cyber attacks: how to protect the policy and policy holder

A 360° offer to safeguard policyholders and insurers, with
the assistance of our experts

Vulnerability assessment with a rapid response from the cyber and claim assessment team, along with training courses and follow-ups, form the mitigation and assistance strategy.

Schwegler Associated Ltd is always on point when it comes to security. If it is robbery against a cash in transit institution, the protection of famous artworks or data theft from an IT system, our team is always ready to deliver.

During the last year cyber-attacks increased up to 246% and cyber cover is becoming an essential element of businesses’ safety strategy on a global level. Almost every company is vulnerable from this point of view, even those with a solid IT security are not completely safe from the Web risks.

Cyber insurance may represent the last defensive line, covering costs related to violations and other accidents: an insurance cover offers more safety and the randomness eradication of risks linked with the chance of not being directly damaged.

At Schwegler Associated we like to do things in the right way, that is why we ask ourselves: is it possible to be covered from cyber-attacks and at the same time protect the cyber insurer itself?

Driven by the need to answer this question in a complete way, we developed a 360° service with the help of Cyber Security experts.

Analysis, prevention, and training courses: Loss Mitigation
Audit & vulnerability assessment. By having a detailed overview of the customers reality, it is possible to identify weaknesses in information and communication systems. By doing so, we can intervene before these problems are discovered by criminals.

Always speaking about prevention, we offer IT security training courses. A weak company culture on this topic is a risk, both for the company itself and for those businesses working with it. Negligence and lack of awareness are the most dangerous weaknesses as they may encourage external attacks outside the company. We offer IT SECURITY COURSES with qualified experts to teach people how to avoid mistakes which may cause expensive damages or cessation of activities.

Intervention, action and solution: Claim assessment
Cyber Loss Mitigation services may help to reduce cyber attacks’ risks, but today we cannot be totally protected.
In case of cyber-attack, Schwegler Associated may intervene with its Incident response and Claim assessment services.

In this case we act on two fundamental fronts: on one side, the Cyber Team offers a service of Incident response operating at technical level, on the other side, the Insurance Team rapidly goes on with the claim assessment. Promptness and efficiency are the keys to safeguard the policyholder and insurers interests, helping to solve the claim in the best way possible, reducing damages.

Continuity, perseverance and updating: Follow-up
In the tech world updating and continuity are fundamental to improve the performances of devices and to respond to evolving threats. For this reason, our services include monitoring and support, to assure the highest level of protection both to insured and insurer.

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