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Our company has developed a system of claims handling which permits the simultaneous monitoring of a large number of claims. This method allows us to report briefly yet accurately both on every single claim, as well as on groups of open or closed claims on a specific policy or account.
An additional feature of our computerized system is the ability to provide at any moment outstanding/paid claims balances and “as if” statistical projections, in accordance with procedures agreed upon during the phase of the organization of every assignment we receive.
This approach is important to Underwriters especially due to the size of the risk. Clear information and a systematic approach can provide solutions which can prevent the occurrence of problems.
Reporting is carried out subject to Underwriters instructions.
Claims settlement authorities, granted by Underwriters, are a solution to the overflow of paperwork for Underwriters and facilitate getting the general picture of any scheme.
The software system is individually drawn up with regards to specific needs and requirement without charging for it.